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According to Glassdoor, professionals working in sales can make well into the six figures and are one of the most popular positions companies seek to fill. Problems are with the pressure to meet numbers, lack of adequate training and inevitable rejection.  This can all be managed…and for a 6-figure salary, freedom, and helping clients? No problem.


Most of the Post-911 Vets are Millennials, and a Deloitte study shows that Sales and Marketing are their worst business skills. Maybe you're missing out? Yikes! Companies WANT you.

Vets SucceedFast Sales Training – Most training just gives you some ideas and wishes you luck ... but this one actually lets you see the good, the bad, and the ugly ... literally showing how to get a great, fun and rewarding job. And we stay with you.


Combining technology, creativity, entrepreneurialism, a focused mission, and social consciousness plus a dose of science and psychology, creates mobile, independent sales and marketing pros today. It is not the smarmy used car salesman…think Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. These are the true sales gurus … always helping society, and solving problems with real solutions, full time.

And the best news, Honorably-discharged Vets get this training FOR FREE!  Live, come to New York City, and get the techniques and technology that can transform your lives and get you on the career path you deserve.


That’s right…through our amazing sponsors and supporters, we give these two days of intensive training for NO COST, only for Veterans who will work hard, and use this innovative education to their advantage.


I'd be happy to show you everything I know, and introduce you to experts who have been at this for years and know the ins-and-outs of the profession.

Sure, it takes work. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either delusional or lying in hopes of selling you something. But the hard work can pay off in spades. Sign up today right here … we just need you to fill the form and include a copy of your DD-214…and we’re off.


Who can teach the true path to multi-generational success?  And especially for Service Disabled (SD) Vets and their unique needs, situation and abilities? Harrison, our CEO and 100% owner, is a 100% VA-Certified, Service Disabled, Afghanistan Vet who understands the problems and solutions, can teach them and can make it fun.  Success is fun.

Harrison is the co-creator of the advanced Theatrical Elements Based program for monumental 21st Century success.

What people have said about Veterans SucceedFast training:

Laura Traynor, Director - Reserve @ FEDCAP, New York, NY

"Your presentation was dynamic, timely and informative.  I think this comment from one of our participants sums it up:  'it was almost as if ReServe had read my mind about what I needed to focus on...'   You helped us achieve our goal of providing ReServists with the tools they need to succeed in today's workplace.  On behalf of all of us at ReServe, I extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your good will, great work and humor!"

SDVOSB Materials  |  Veterans Future Lab, Brooklyn, NY 11237   |   917 216-9400   |   HarrisonJamesKendall@gmail.com