The SDVOSB Tech team has led the design communities for 35 years into ground-breaking technology initiatives and processes by assisting the builders of facilities and organizations who want to properly implement complex and integrated technology. We are a certified military Service Disabled, Veteran Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB) with the experience and the stability to continue to bring the correct technology, environments, network and training to enhance outcomes, reduce costs, and service our students, faculty and staff. To learn about what we do, please scroll to our areas of expertise: Education and Learning, Healthcare and Wellness, and our Risk Management capabilities below.


Advanced Technology


With our unique, 35+ year focused expertise in the areas of education, technology, and management, SDVOSB Tech provides assistance with planning, design, oversight, and implementation services to support technology initiatives within educational institutions and systems starting in 1984 at the Art/Sociology classroom technology integration on the University of Maryland College Park Campus. This ground-breaking initiative was led by Dr. David Falk, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, and we brought the technology to learning that is in every classroom of today. In 1984, it was a revolution...and we have been leading the learning and edu-tech revolution since then from Boston to San Diego, Fairbanks to Florida. And internationally, Korea, UAE, Europe and Brazil have utilized the expertise to enhance their education facilities.


Our clients include universities, colleges, K-12, corporate and government education centers, and schools who want to positively affect the education delivery. We have worked throughout the USA and abroad with the most forward-thinking institutional leaders implementing technologies that make a constructive impact on learning.  We have made it our goal to work with people who want to make a quantifiable improvement and lead the academe into the future.


The SDVOSB Tech philosophy is to implement technology solutions that enhance the academic mission by focusing on the student learning process, the pedagogy, and the goals of the organization. Our team works together with the academic community and technology support providers to answer the most important question of all: how will this new technology help the student to better learn the content, and function properly within the context of the institution?


Today's academic programs accommodate increasingly sophisticated students, staff, and faculty with ever-expanding information and communications requirements. The education community has been a leader in expanding the ability to communicate and exchange ideas using many varied approaches.  The customization of the learning experience to the individual needs of the student is our specialty.  We implemented the first Mediated Classroom for a large public academic - research university in 1984, their first PC-based distance education Teaching Theater in 1986, the first interactive skills lab in 1999, and the first Immersion Classroom for a fast growing Midwestern university in 1999.  From the mid 1980's to today, we have designed and executed numerous ground-breaking learning environments around the world.


We do not "repackage" the learning experience but assist our clients to "reinvent" it through a well-conceived, aggregated technology solution including hardware, applications, infrastructure, management, and support.  It is always in the context of the institutions vision for the future.


SDVOSB Tech has the unique blend of ability, resources, and experience to support those who must apply technologies to the academic community of the future.


We only work with the institutions and the leadership that want to truly enhance learning outcomes through the integration of technology that makes a positive difference. The projector on the ceiling and a WiFi network?  We pioneered that in the 1980's. SDVOSB Tech is here to take your school to the next level of learning.

experTheaters™ Data Immersion and Learning Tools

Here is a partial list of our clients:

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Stanford University

University of Maryland

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

University of Alaska

Arizona State University

Mills College

University of California - San Diego

Medical University of South Carolina

Yale University

University of Delaware

American University

Catholic University

Howard University

Georgetown University

George Washington University

University of Detroit Mercy

Georgia Board of Regents

Georgia State University

Heartland Community College

Montgomery College

Atlantic Cape Community College

University of Chicago

Indiana University

Purdue University

College of Notre Dame of Maryland

University of Minnesota

Western Michigan University

Mich Tech

University of Michigan

Central Missouri State University


Illinois State University

Columbia University

Syracuse University

University of Virginia

University of North Carolina

Memphis State University

George Mason University

Central Michigan University

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

National Defense University

University of United Arab Emirates

University of Pohang, Korea

Dartmouth College

Johns Hopkins University

University of Maryland Medical System

University of Chicago

Washington Hospital Center

University of Pennsylvania


Sibley Memorial Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital

Smith Kline Beecham Clinical Laboratories

Robert Wood Johnson University

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Thomas Jefferson University

University of California - San Francisco

Montefiore Medical Center

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Our unique experTheaters™ bring an immersive and interactive learning experience to education, business, and governments around the world. It is the next step beyond the "repacked delivery" of e-learning. We include the space, the technology and pedagogy specifically tailored to the subject, the culture and the individual learner.


Jonathan Kendall, our COO, has special skills to bring this unique and valuable experience to SDVOSB and our associated companies. He was a pioneer in the development and execution of immersive "Theatrical Based Learning" some 30 years ago with his Teaching/Learning Theaters and Immersion Classrooms in Universities, Colleges and Healthcare organizations. This created a foundation for our experTheater™ as an Educational tool for a broad segment of the universe of learners. These environments, technologies and pedagogies are driving new and more inclusive educational experiences and audiences. From the institutional teaching in schools and universities, this expertise is finding its way into commercial, business learning and skills development across the educational spectrum. Young and old, this is the basis for all learning styles and educational levels to customize the learning experience for the individual, the business, and the community. 

Jonathan's background in technological innovation created a variation in the experTheater environments to foster the "creative community" in business with an adaptive environment in which to craft the fresh and well-thought-out solutions for today's and tomorrows problems.

Our team wrote the book on High-Tech Mediated Learning Environments starting in 1985. Here's a video from 1997 that discusses our Teaching Theater concept that Mr Kendall implemented in 1990!  


Healthcare & Wellness


With our unique expertise in the areas of medical, education, technology, and management, SDVOSB Tech provides services to assist with planning, design, oversight, implementation and support for technology initiatives within healthcare institutions and systems.

Our clients include academic medical centers, hospitals, universities, clinics, pharmaceutical, corporate, and government healthcare related institutions. We have worked throughout the USA and abroad.


The SDVOSB Tech philosophy is to implement technology solutions that enhance the mission by focusing on the process and desired outcomes. Our team works together with the healthcare community and technology support providers to answer the most important question of all: how will this new technology help the healthcare community to improve outcomes, lower costs, and enhance patient care?


Today's healthcare community accommodates increasingly sophisticated patients, staff, and clinicians who have ever-expanding information and communications requirements. The community has been a leader in expanding the ability to communicate and exchange ideas using many varied technologies.  This customization of the health experience to the needs of the patient and doctor is our specialty.  From the mid 1980's to today, we have designed and executed numerous ground-breaking medical environments around the world.  Our goal is to deliver a "High Tech and High Touch" experience in the new managed-care reality.  


We do not "repackage" the health experience but assist our clients to "reinvent" it through a well-conceived and aggregated technology solution including hardware, applications, infrastructure, management and support.  This is always in the context of the institutions vision for the future.

SDVOSB Tech has the unique blend of ability, resources, and experience to support those who must apply technologies to the health-related community of the future.

Our core expertise encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Truly Integrated Voice, Data, Video, AV, VR, Control Cabling & Infrastructure

  • Building Automation & Management Systems Control, Sensors, Energy Management, HVAC, Lighting, Video, Security, Air and Water Quality, Apps

  • Internet of Things

  • Network Security

  • Strategic & Master Planning

  • Envisioning Future Requirements & Technologies

  • AV, Audiovisual & Multimedia Systems

  • Distance Learning & E-Learning

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Visualization, 3D Technologies

  • Immersion Education & Training

  • Immersion ER/OR/ICU Labs

  • Video Production Facilities

  • Tele Health & Tele Medicine

  • Telepresence & Distance Learning

  • Digital Content Management & Distribution

  • Health, Safety & Welfare

  • Telecommunications

  • Wireless, Cabling & Infrastructure

  • Local/Wide Area Networking (LAN & WAN)

  • Cloud Computing

  • Process and Change Management


Risk Management, Health & Safety


School shooters, date rape, binge drinking, burglary, shoplifting, HIPAA, FERPA, network hacking, identity theft, cyber crime, bullying, etc.

Faced with critical security related issues, like the horrifying school shootings and the theft of sensitive data, institutional managers and administrators are looking for improved ways of enhancing their campus security. Technology and management issues are utilizing an increasingly converged approach to safety, security and information.   The teaming of the physical security/police and IT groups is a daunting task.  Combining security tools on campus networks, uniting security and data system goals, effectual and regular training regiments, while learning to expand safety within limited health, safety, and welfare budgets in an efficient and effective way are fast becoming "must dos".

The convergence of cyberspace and physical security is only a problem until the campus teams can and will work together.  Only when the proper leadership and procedures are implemented can an attack be preempted at its first signs, saving life, property and information. It takes a top-down management process that can lead to a new level of proactive emergency response.

SDVOSB Tech has the unique expertise in-house to assist in executing the right solution, the first time.   Our team works with the administration and the community to answer the most important question:  how will a new security initiative protect the lives, health, and personal data of the most precious resource of the institution...its people?

Click here for Chapter One article on School Security and how we can manage safety in our schools.

Articles and Links


International Speaking Engagements

  • Society for College & University Planners (SCUP) National Convention on “Creative Planning: Using All the Tools in Your Toolbox"

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention on “Designing for Advanced Technology in Educational Settings”

  • Tradeline’s Strategies in Campus Design on “’Visioning’ your ‘Future Proof’ Campus Network System”

  • Society for College & University Planners (SCUP) National Convention on “Design for the New Learning Paradigm”

  • Healthcare Information Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Annual Conference in Washington, DC on “Strategic Planning for Multimedia Network Security”

  • APPA National Convention in Philadelphia on “Information Technologies - What’s the Impact on the Educational Facility?”

  • Campus Technology expo in Boston, Massachucetts on "Technology to Enable Excellence"

  • FIRJAN (Federation of Business in Rio de Janeiro) on “Crafted Education: Using Technology to Meet the Needs of Individual Learners in Distance Education”

  • BSR Academy Faculty teaching US Special Forces including "Special Techniques in Security"

  • Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business on the “Future of Technology in Education”

  • Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on “Technology and the Graduate”


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SDVOSB Materials, Technology & Supply LLC


SDVOSB Tech principal, Jonathan Kendall, was the lead planner and design consultant for premier architecture and engineering firms such as:

Robert A.M. Stern Architects




Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Perkins & Will




Heery International

EYP Architects

Ellerbe Becket


Prominent projects such as:

1984 University of Maryland's (UMCP) first Mediated "Smart" Classroom
1986 UMCP's AT&T-sponsored Teaching Theater
1990 National Defense University's First Electronic Classrooms, Integrated Campus Networking & Teaching Simulation System
1992 UMCP's IBM-TQ sponsored Teaching Theater
1993 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Technology Infrastructure Master Plan
1994 Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS) First All-digital Statewide 911 Control Communications Center & SYSCOM Planning & Design
1996 UVA Darden Graduate School of Business Techno-Socratic Classrooms, Multi Media Production Center, Integrated Wired & Wireless Network Infrastructure, & Transition Management
1997 UMMS Baltimore Medical Campus-wide Technology (Voice, Data, Video, Cabling) Analysis & Masterplan
1998 UCSF Stanford Health Care (USHC) Telemedicine Pilot Program Implementation
1999 CMU College of Health Professions Immersion Classrooms, Immersion Sim Center, Network Infrastructure & Faculty/Pedagogical Migration Services
2001 University of Maryland Medical Systems Operating Room (O.R.) of the Future Planning
2002 Postech University, Korea, Tae-Joon Park Digital Library Technology Planning
2004 MUSC College of Health Professions New Building with Immersion Classrooms & the O.R. of the Future Sim Lab
2008 GSU's Petit Science Education and Research Center with Interdisciplinary Nursing, Biology, Chemistry & the Neuroscience Institute
2011 New Cooper Medical School of Rowan University with Immersion Classrooms/Labs, Interactive Auditorium & Virtual Reality CAVE Sim Center
2014 Children's Guild Digital Classroom Initiative, integrated networked technology in every student's desk for a unique special needs school to allow the most emotionally-challenged students in Maryland to learn and grow in a digitally connected environment

2016 FIRJAN Rio de Janeiro Brazil Masterplan to integrate technology into the National Public School System